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4 months ago

CBA staff pressured to push products, says Finance Sector Union - The Sydney Morning Herald

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More video Recommended Replay video Explainer: Who regulates our banks? Whether it's interest rates, competition, resilience or misconduct, ACCC, APRA, ASIC and the RBA are the lead banking watchdogs.

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Commonwealth Bankstaff have raised concerns that performance targets are pushing employees to sell financial products that are not in customers' interests, a Finance Sector Union report says.

As the banking industryconducts its own review of conflicted payments for staff, the union representing bank workers is pressing its case for an overhaul of pay structures, by highlighting p

6 months ago

Frerichs Takes On Insurance Companies that Do Not Pay Death Benefits - Chicago Defender

Insurance Industry Offers Weaker Version to Mollify Critic

edited by Kai EL Zabar

Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs (Democrat) Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs (Democrat)

House Passes Consumer Protection Legislation on Life Insurance Policies.

SPRINGFIELD Families will no longer be victimized by life insurance companies that refuse to pay death benefits, Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs said today. His remarks came after the Illinois House passed a measure pushed by Frerichs that requires insure

11 months ago

Avoid Money Trouble With These Personal Finance Tips

Dealing with personal finance is a skill that every adult must learn. Many people never learn the right way to handle their money, having learned the skill from their parents, who also learned from their parents,. That is the problem. Here are some solid suggestions for handling personal finances well.

Do your shopping relatively quickly if you are searching for a mortgage or auto loan. Unlike with other types of credit (e.g. credit cards), a number of inquiries within a short period of time for the purpose of securing a mortgage or auto loan won't hurt your score very much.

Set up internet banking and online bill pay. Having your accounts and your bills online is a quick and

11 months ago

Personal Finances And Getting Yours Under Control

Our personal finances make up who we determine and are the life we live. Your finances are not something that should be taken lightly. You will be able to develop your own personal finance strategy, achieve your personal finance goals, and become more effective with your money, by following these valuable tips.

You should know that there is a statute of limitations for collecting on debts if some of your debts are in collection. To find out what the statue of limitations for old debt in your state is before paying any money on old debt.

Shop around before committing to a specific lender for financing. Talk to several loan officers, and always get terms on paper. You can also